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You’re having a Dental Emergency… What to Do?

You need to call on Val Daniyar DMD to give you the help you need, and relief from the probable tooth pain your dental emergency is causing.   There are many causes for dental emergencies, such as a root canal problem or cracked tooth, but dental trauma whether by attack or accident can also cause one to be at risk for not only unbearable oral pain, but also infection.  Sometimes the soft tissues of the oral cavity can be involved as well with cuts and scrapes.

Different problems call for different solutions, but calling your dentist is the first step for any dental emergency.  A tooth fracture, for instance, can be anywhere from mild to severe, and sometimes the tooth cannot be restored.  Restorative dentistry, practiced by the expert hands of Dr. Val Daniyar, can work wonders for many tooth fractures; rapid assessment can aid in successful restoration.

If a tooth is knocked out, time is of extreme importance in getting to your dentist.  The handling of a tooth is also important; the tooth should be handled from the top, not the root end, to avoid damage to the cells that aid in re-attaching the tooth to the bone.  If the tooth can be rinsed, that is appropriate, but it should not be scrubbed off; it can be placed gently in its socket to keep moist until you can get to the dentist.  You can also wrap a tooth in moist gauze or soak it in saline, such as the kind you use for contact lenses.

If you have had a tooth knocked loose, you also need to see your dentist for the critical assessment needed in properly re-aligning the tooth.  The tooth should never be forced into place, as that creates more trauma.  If you have bleeding, treatment may be needed to stop the bleeding.  Whatever your emergent dental need, to optimize treatment potential, contact Dr. Val Daniyar as soon as possible!  239-261-8200


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